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You will never have to speculate about your account balance or experience the inconvenience of leaving your home or office to make account transfers. You can  quickly check your balances, perform account transfers and request stop payments at anytime from anywhere in the world using a touch-tone telephone and Tele, ECAB’s 24 Hour Automated Telephone Response Banking Service.  

Just call Tele at (268) 480-5338/9 and she would be more than happy to assist and talk you through every step of your desired transaction, offering:

  • Free 24 hour access with no service charge.
  • Convenient accessibility through touch-tone phone locally and internationally.
  • Quick and easy application process with immediate access to service.

Using Bank of Antigua’s 24 hour Automated Telephone Response Banking Service ‘Tele’ is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Call Tele at (268) 480-5338/9
  2. Enter the Transaction Code and Account Number
  3. Enter your secret Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Download the 'Tele' user manual and instructions or register for Tele Banking today.